Read or Die Returns with More Reading and Dying!!

Hey there kiddos!
It’s reading time again! Contest starts August 1st, 2010 and continues until the end of the month. Read on for contest rules and explanation.

What counts as a page?

Essentially, a page can be any of the following. Naturally, it must be entirely in Japanese****:

    1 page in a regular book or novel
    10 pages of a manga/comic/graphic novel
    1 newspaper article*
    1 blog post on the internet
    1 webpage*
    1 page in a magazine
    The lyrics of 1 song
    5 minutes of subtitles in your L2**
    2 pages of a script/play
    10 minutes of niconico comment reading***
    Note: SRS reps do not count toward your reading count.

*[A newspaper article or webpage counts as 1 page if it has roughly the 2 paragraphs worth of text, give or take a sentence. If the page is unusually long, you may count it as more than a page.]
**[For example, if you’re watching a movie in your L2 that also has subtitles in that language, and you read all of the subs, 5 mins of doing that = 1 page.]
***[For reading comments on a NicoNico video. Obviously not counting “wwwwwwwww.”]
****[Other L2s are welcome to join.]

    Basically, if in doubt, think of it this way:
    1 page = 2-3 paragraphs
    1 paragraph = 5-8 short sentences OR 2-4 long sentences

Keeping track of the number of pages read

Keeping track of your number of read pages is your responsibility. Make sure to write down everything you’ve read or keep a tally using the guidelines above.
Your page count will be taken as a matter of merit, feel free to ask questions, but overall use your own judgement.

How do I report my weekly/monthly progress?

1) Posting a quick progress update here as a comment stating your number of pages.

2) Using twitter. We’ve got our own hash tag, too! Use it!: #tadoku

3) Make sure to include your name and lots of trash talking.



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