Last Week!

The contest will end in one week (and a day) so try and finish strong!

Great news!

As of today there are no more 0 scores in the contest, meaning everyone who is still actively participating has at least tried!

Week 1 Recap

Hey everybody! How’s that reading coming?

Seems like everyone’s been hitting those books hard! So far our top score is 750.7 pages!!! In only 10 days! And there’s several more in the upper 100’s as well- there’s still time for everyone to catch up.

Remember to keep us up to date on twitter using the #tadoku hashtag!

Keep up that motivation everyone! がんばって~!



Love for ReadMOD~♡

ReadMOD is popular~! Here’s what our participants have to say about the contest:

Have something to add? Comment here and I’ll share your link for everyone to read!



How to update your progress and instantly check the rankings!

I finally finished the script I hacked together that will read your updates from twitter. All you have to do is follow the following format ” (number of pages) #pagecount #tadoku”. Its that simple! (The page number is your cumulative)

example tweet:  26 #pagecount #tadoku

The ranking page is available here (Big thanks to Mullr for hosting!) and updates every 30 minutes. I might make it pretty if I have time later.

Note: Please don’t RT someone’s pagecount tweet, it will zero your progress.
Note 2 : The script strips number from your tweet so don’t put any other numbers in the tweet.

Update: If you tweet your new post count and it does not show up on the rankings, trying going to and searching for the #tadoku hashtag. If your tweet does not come up try tweeting it again, twitter search messed it up.