How to update your progress and instantly check the rankings!

I finally finished the script I hacked together that will read your updates from twitter. All you have to do is follow the following format ” (number of pages) #pagecount #tadoku”. Its that simple! (The page number is your cumulative)

example tweet:  26 #pagecount #tadoku

The ranking page is available here (Big thanks to Mullr for hosting!) and updates every 30 minutes. I might make it pretty if I have time later.

Note: Please don’t RT someone’s pagecount tweet, it will zero your progress.
Note 2 : The script strips number from your tweet so don’t put any other numbers in the tweet.

Update: If you tweet your new post count and it does not show up on the rankings, trying going to and searching for the #tadoku hashtag. If your tweet does not come up try tweeting it again, twitter search messed it up.

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