Rule Changes

After the last contest I asked around and thought up some ways that could even out the page values a little bit.  The changes we’ve come up with so far are as follows:

1. Instead of 10 pages of manga being 1 page, 5 pages of manga shall now be 1 page.

2. Counting in games shall be separated to games that display text full screen and games that utilize the standard textbox

    Full screen – 6 screens = 1 page

    Regular – 11 screens = 1 page

3. The last change adds the rereading feature. Now instead of only getting pages from new material, you can get pages from old material at half the value. EX:  first read 1 page, second read .5 page, third read .25 page and so on.

A 多読 future

People from all over keep asking me “Hey Silent, is there going to be another tadoku??” and when I say people from all over im referring to about 3 people.  But to answer everyone’s question, yes I do plan on having more tadoku contests. When you ask? good question!  I have come up with the following schedule for the next year.

1. January

2. April

3. July

4. October

I think 2 months between contests should give people long enough to recover from the last contest and improve for the next contest. The next blog post will contain the rule changes so stay tuned.

Random note: It took me a month to write this blog post.