Last Minute

The contest starts in about 8 hours in New Zealand so I’ll take this time to make some last minute announcements.

  1. Mletterlejp was kind enough to make a clicker program for use to use during the contest. Its called Tacriku and will be useful for keeping track of your screen count and things like that. Thanks Maikeru!
  2. The ranking page is up and is available here. If you click on a participants name you will see their “Stats of Wrath” page. This page displays what the participant has been reading, what percentage of their total a particular medium is and their daily reading average.  Also if you click “The Ranking” on the ranking page you will be linked to a breakdown of the all the reading in the contest.

I would also like to reiterate that the contest starts at January 1 2011 00:00:00 your time. Don’t get all excited and start submitting before time!

Update system clarification

I just want to make a few things about the updating procedure clear before the contest begins

  1. Unlike in the previous contest you do not have to do any calculations before you update.
  2. So lets say you read 50 pages of manga, there is no need to calculate how many pages that is just tweet “@TadokuBot 50 #manga”. Same for all the other mediums. Watched 45 minutes of subs? tweet “@TadokuBot 45 #subs”. No math required on your part. Cool right?

  3. No doubling up medium updates
  4. If you read 10 pages of manga and then read 35 pages from a book you can not tweet “@TadokuBot 10 #manga 35 #book”. The bot will interpret this as 1035 pages of manga and 1035 pages from a book (it’s not that smart). So keep your updates separate 🙂

  5. Sentences are for small amounts of text
  6. You know, like definitions and stuff that

If you guys have any more questions please let me know. I’ll try to answer them as clearly as possible.

Edit: Updated the rules post with example pictures of the 2 different types of games

Edit 2: General claification

  • The tadoku competition starts when the clock strikes January 1 2011 your time and ends January 31 2011 23:59:59 your time

Ebook Readers, or How the Cool Kids Read

This time around a lot of participants (within the #ajatt crew at least) are purchasing kindles and nooks to read their Japanese materials on so I’ve gathered up some links for you guys. Also a few days ago nac_est asked about counting pages on ebook readers, having foreseen this problem I asked BlackDragonHunt to make a script to add the page count into the files (explained in the Tadoku Tools link below).

The Links

  1. Tadoku Tools
  2. Using Your E-Reader for Evil (And a Little Japanese) ←You really want to take a look at this if you are using the novel packs or 青空文庫
  3. All aboard the kindle bandwagon
  4. How I use my kindle

ReadMOD 2.0 and You

Updating your score

We will be using a “new” system for updating scores. As you probably guessed from registration, it involves the TadokuBot. So let’s get into it.

The most significant change is that the system is now additive, meaning that you no longer have to calculate  your complete score every time you want to update your pagecount(nor do you have to do any calculating or adjusting depending on the medium). The second big change is the update format. No longer is the syntax for updating “#pagecount #tadoku”. Instead you will be specifying the type of reading you did.

Example score update:

@TadokuBot 56 #book

Pretty simple right?  here’s a list of all the current medium tags

  • #book
  • #manga
  • #net
  • #fullgame
  • #game
  • #lyric
  • #subs
  • #news
  • #nico
  • #sentence

Please be mindful to not include other numbers in your tweet other than your pagecount update.
Please do not retweet others’ score updates.
One medium update per tweet please. (Do not do this @TadokuBot 96 #books 5000000 #manga)

The other 2 #tags
  1. #Undo will obviously be used when you make a boo-boo in your updating tweet. It will make it so that your last update never even happened. Usage is as follows: “@TadokuBot #undo I f’ed up” That last part is completely optional :p (Note: Please wait until the undo action takes place to update your score again)
  2. #Repeat was born from our new rule letting you re-read material for a smaller return. Syntax goes like this: “@TadokuBot 200 #manga #fifth” #fifth could be #second or #third etc.
  3. (still working on these 2 a bit)

Where you stand

Q: “But Silent, how will everyone know my awesome score if I’m only tweeting what I’ve read in the last [insert time period]”

A: Fear not, everyone will know just how awesome you are because TadokuBot will tweet your completely calculated score [so you guys might want to follow it] when you update it. You can also always view the scores the old way on the ranking list(won’t be active until the competition starts).


As previously mentioned, there will be 4 tadoku/ReadMOD contests this year, each with its own respective winner. There will however be an overall winner for the year. That person will be the contestant who has read the most over all 4 contests. That should be plenty incentive to keep on reading even if you don’t win the individual contests 🙂

(small note : the new system updates every 5 minutes)

About 多読 and About the Contest

While the idea of extensive reading as a powerful language learning tool has been around for at least a hundred years, it seems that recently, with the Internet making authentic language material only a few clicks away, more and more people have discovered this most enjoyable method of acquiring language.  Language learning, we have been informed, is supposed to be hard work; so it almost seems like cheating to learn easily and effectively by doing something we’d like to be doing anyway – only in the target language.  But it is after all only reasonable that if every other skill improves with practise, the more practise the better, reading ought to follow the same pattern; and if the practise doesn’t feel like work, more practise will happen.

Extensive reading, to be exact, refers to reading large volumes of material at or very slightly above one’s comprehension level, aiming for overall understanding of the work instead of worrying about every detailed twist of grammar or every word.  This approach stresses learning from context and getting used to the language by massive exposure instead of understanding things point by point.  It does not replace its opposite, intensive reading (in which a difficult point or a sentence well above the learner’s level is studied in detail); but rather is a vital supplement.  In fact, intensive reading and study should instead be viewed as a supplement to extensive reading, which turns the normal classroom paradigm on its head.

The four skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking ought to be viewed in that order, because each one feeds the next.  You can’t say what you don’t know, and reading is much easier to learn words from than listening.  The large quantity of exposure helps the learner to think in the target language, which in turn improves output abilities.  Many case studies have firmly established the effectiveness of this method.  For more details, read Rob Waring’s The Inescapable Case for Extensive Reading, or follow some of the links from

The ReadMOD contest was established to promote this least-method-like of methods.  It is extremely simple: read every day for a month, and report your pagecount; the person with the highest pagecount at the end wins eternal* fame and glory, the adulation** of the other contestants, and notably improved language skill.

*where “eternal” refers to a time frame of about three months, until the next contest

**mainly serves to cause people to be determined to knock the winner off their perch the next go round

Registration for 多読 2011 is open!

The register is finally open! In order to register for the contest all you have to do is tweet “@tadokubot #reg [insert hilarious quote]” minus the quotes of course. You should get a tweet if your registration is successful. TadokuBot is a bot I made especially for tadoku! I’ll be posting details about it shortly. I’ll be keeping a list here but it may be outdated. To see the SUPER REAL-TIME list please  check here.

Current list

  1. e_dub_kendo
  2. burritolingus
  3. xatlasm
  4. Kanjiwarrior
  5. lordsilent ←俺
  6. loafyi
  7. BlackDragonHunt ← Previous winner
  8. emilyrct
  9. mletterlejp
  10. IvanMeredith
  11. Landorien
  12. KSaiydT
  13. qqkachoojp
  14. Moniiku
  15. momonigiri
  16. pbadger
  17. srunnels
  18. tummai
  19. Seizar86
  20. Little_strokes
  21. nac_est
  22. fahadalassiry
  23. diogovk
  24. rtkbot
  25. Yuffie89
  26. LizLearns
  27. mikotoneko
  28. mullr
  29. languageez
  30. Lorata
  31. curryisyummy
  32. aiorral
  33. hotsw4p
  34. JapanNewbie
  35. Sakatsu
  36. don_rivers
  37. incorporeality (Reading French)
  38. takkie3 (Reading English)
  39. Little_Stro_ENG (Little_Strokes #2 reading English. I expect him to be a pile of ash at the end month)
  40. tonesvenn
  41. mikankun
  42. sandkatt
  43. crystalcampbell
  44. funshinefirefly
  45. ImaginaryJapan
  46. ShiiraShiira
  47. zhongruige (Reading Chinese)
  48. spinnningcat
  49. HanaYanaa
  50. jimjamjeniko
  51. Juniperarrow ← Winner of that other reading contest
  52. distefam
  53. Squallxyz
  54. claudiofreitas
  55. akemidoll
  56. Nekesu
  57. danchanman
  58. shyxormz
  59. Brokenvai
  60. Mirohan
  61. mattosumisu
  62. mattiasjp
  63. Infernatotely (reading Spanish)
  64. firearnok
  65. c_nak
  66. Bbvoncrumb
  67. jyemenai
  68. eigokitsune
  69. kenrickchien
  70. mysterycheez (reading Italian)
  71. jBalaam
  72. jamesnowonline
  73. stargateheaven
  74. SheepyAU
  75. MrsMalone_emmie (reading English)
  76. giada51291 (reading Italian)
  77. CSmiles55
  78. hyrulehippie
  79. maryag
  80. Maya1924
  81. Cush1979
  82. kaoskastle
  83. simhuman
  84. kkgtokyo
  85. izanameii
  86. kiriyama_s
  87. sloppier_r (reading English)
  88. petromelsan
  89. revenantkioku
  90. Wicket_French (reading French)
  91. entreview
  92. ayaneko31
  93. youngenstein
  94. BuSensei
  95. veeontour
  96. NeoSamurai05
  97. chmijo
  98. Bluemchenblatt
  99. hanikamiya
  100. paboseki
  101. emhornerbooks
  102. HedgeCRM
  103. KiraKirai

(note: the bot updates every 5 minutes)

(note2:let me know if you plan on participating but will be reading something other than Japanese)

ReadMOD 2.0 Rules

The rules are mostly the same as last time but with a few differences. These changes will be in bold. (the following are equivalent to 1 page)

  • 1 page in a regular book or novel
  • 5 pages of a manga/comic/graphic novel
  • 1 newspaper article*
  • 1 blog post on the internet
  • 1 webpage*
  • 1 page in a magazine
  • The lyrics of 1 song
  • 5 minutes of subtitles in your L2**
  • 2 pages of a script/play
  • 10 minutes of niconico comment reading***
  • 6 screens in a full-screen game (like Umineko, or Higurashi where the whole screen fills with text) example
  • 11 screens in a regular game where you read from a textbox. (This assuming you are playing a text heavy game. if not count sentences!) example
  • You may also re-read pages for lesser value (half each time) ex: first read 10 pages, second read 5 pages, third read 2.5 pages etc.

If in doubt a 400 characters is usually around ~17 sentences.

Note: SRS reps do not count toward your reading count.

*[A newspaper article or webpage counts as 1 page if it has roughly the 3 paragraphs worth of text, give or take a sentence. If the webpage or news article is unusually long, you may count it as more than a page.]
**[For example, if you’re watching a movie in your L2 that also has subtitles in that language, and you read all of the subs, 5 mins of doing that = 1 page.]
***[For reading comments on a NicoNico video. Obviously not counting “wwwwwwwww.”]

Details regarding the new pagecount updating system will be here soon so be on the look out!