ReadMOD 2.0 and You

Updating your score

We will be using a “new” system for updating scores. As you probably guessed from registration, it involves the TadokuBot. So let’s get into it.

The most significant change is that the system is now additive, meaning that you no longer have to calculate  your complete score every time you want to update your pagecount(nor do you have to do any calculating or adjusting depending on the medium). The second big change is the update format. No longer is the syntax for updating “#pagecount #tadoku”. Instead you will be specifying the type of reading you did.

Example score update:

@TadokuBot 56 #book

Pretty simple right?  here’s a list of all the current medium tags

  • #book
  • #manga
  • #net
  • #fullgame
  • #game
  • #lyric
  • #subs
  • #news
  • #nico
  • #sentence

Please be mindful to not include other numbers in your tweet other than your pagecount update.
Please do not retweet others’ score updates.
One medium update per tweet please. (Do not do this @TadokuBot 96 #books 5000000 #manga)

The other 2 #tags
  1. #Undo will obviously be used when you make a boo-boo in your updating tweet. It will make it so that your last update never even happened. Usage is as follows: “@TadokuBot #undo I f’ed up” That last part is completely optional :p (Note: Please wait until the undo action takes place to update your score again)
  2. #Repeat was born from our new rule letting you re-read material for a smaller return. Syntax goes like this: “@TadokuBot 200 #manga #fifth” #fifth could be #second or #third etc.
  3. (still working on these 2 a bit)

Where you stand

Q: “But Silent, how will everyone know my awesome score if I’m only tweeting what I’ve read in the last [insert time period]”

A: Fear not, everyone will know just how awesome you are because TadokuBot will tweet your completely calculated score [so you guys might want to follow it] when you update it. You can also always view the scores the old way on the ranking list(won’t be active until the competition starts).


As previously mentioned, there will be 4 tadoku/ReadMOD contests this year, each with its own respective winner. There will however be an overall winner for the year. That person will be the contestant who has read the most over all 4 contests. That should be plenty incentive to keep on reading even if you don’t win the individual contests 🙂

(small note : the new system updates every 5 minutes)

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Seizar
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 05:11:26

    Just making sure, we need to tweet the pages already adjusted according to the rules, right? For example if I read 50 pages of a manga I would tweet “@tadokubot 10 #manga”, right?


  2. xatlasm
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 13:11:22

    What does the #sentence tag correspond to?


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  5. Harvey
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 10:21:44

    Would it screw things up by adding other numbers into the tweet if you do something like:

    @TadokuBot 1 #net いらない習慣

    Would the numbers in the URL mess it up? I did this, and it reported 1.2 pages.


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