Slight inconvenience for our “Early Starters”

About an hour from now the kiwi New Zealand crew will be starting but the new bot is acting a little oddly at times so I’ll be putting the old bot up while i finish finding the problem.

What does this mean for you?
It means you won’t have the ability to input multiple updates per tweet nor can you put extra numbers in your update tweets. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope to have it up sometime later today.

多読コンテスト Round 2 For Dummies

…or not since I’m horrible at explaining things. A lot of this is going to be the same as the old post, new parts will be larger and bolded.

Round 2 starts on 4/1/2011 0:00:00 your time and ends on 4/30/2011 23:59:59 your time

Updating your score

As in the first round, we shall be using the TadokuBot to update our score*.

The biggest changes here are :

  1. You can have multiple updates per tweet.

    Place a semicolon between medium updates inorder to update multiple counts with 1 tweet.
    Ex: @TadokuBot 25 #book; 65 #manga; 36 #sentence
    If you forget the semicolon get ready to use the #undo function
  2. Updates must be in a certain format.

  3. Updates must be in the following format “@TadokuBot [number] #[optional tag like dr or language tag] #“. Reasoning for this explained in number 3.
  4. You can have other numbers in your update tweets.

  5. As long as you follow proper format, you can put extra number in your updates now. So “@TadokuBot 1789 #book; I read 3 books today in 1 sitting!” will work just fine.
  6. Languages other than Japanese

  7. If you are reading a language other than Japanese you will have to let the bot know by including the languages tag before the medium.
    Ex.”@TadokuBot 542 #fr #sentences”
  8. Submitting reading times for Subs and Nico

    Instead of calculating the minutes your self, you can now submit times using the following format “@TadokuBot H:MM #subs”. H being hour and MM being minutes. Seconds are ignored on purpose since they are worth 1/300th of a page in subs or 1/600th if its ニコニコ.

list of all the current tags

  • #book
    • #dr ( for Japanese use only)
  • #manga
  • #net
  • #fullgame
  • #game
  • #lyric
  • #subs
  • #news
  • #nico
  • #sentences
  • #undo
  • #[insert language here]
    • #fr – French
    • #de – German
    • #es – Spanish
    • #en – English
    • #kr – Korean
    • #th – Thai
    • #cn – Chinese
    • #it – Italian
    • #nl – Dutch
    • #pl – Polish
    • #el – Greek
    • #ru – Russian
    • #eo – Esperanto
  • #repeat

The rest of this is mostly copied from the last “how to” post.

The non medium tags explained
  1. #Undo will obviously be used when you make a boo-boo in your updating tweet. It will make it so that your last update never even happened. Usage is as follows: “@TadokuBot #undo I f’ed up” That last part is completely optional :p (Note: Please wait until the undo action takes place to update your score again)
  2. #Repeat was born from our new rule letting you re-read material for a smaller return (#fifth is the maximum) . Syntax goes like this: “@TadokuBot 200 #manga #fifth” #fifth could be #second or #third etc.
  3. #dr means double rowed and is to be used in case you have a book that is formatted like this. It gives a small boost (*1.48) to equal out the extra reading you are doing per page. #dr is only to be used with Japanese books and requires the #book tag to work. ( f’n BDH)

Where you stand

Q: “But Silent, how will everyone know my awesome score if I’m only tweeting what I’ve read in the last [insert time period]”

A: Fear not, everyone will know just how awesome you are because TadokuBot will tweet your completely calculated score [so you guys might want to follow it] when you update it. You can also always view the scores the old way on the ranking list(won’t be active until the competition starts).

(small note : the new system updates every minute)

* Currently working on another method of updating, hopefully will be up this weekend.

多読Contest Round 2, Register now open!

The register is open and waiting! The procedure is the same as last time “@Tadokubot #reg” minus the quotes. I’ll be keeping a list here but to view the super up to to date check here.

note: If your tweets are protected you will NOT be able to register/participate
note 2: Please inform me in your register tweet or here what language(s) you will be reading if its not Japanese.

  1. LordSilent
  2. Little_Strokes ← Round 1 winner! Reading Japanese and English
  3. BlackDragonHunt← Tadoku 1.0 winner!
  4. Bluemchenblatt
  5. nac_est
  6. Sakatsu
  7. HolySt4r Reading Japanese and English
  8. e_dub_kendo
  9. xatlasm
  10. takkie3 Reading English
  11. zhongruige Reading Chinese
  12. Yuffie89
  13. Yakkoe
  14. aiorral
  15. Seizar86 Reading Japanese and Korean
  16. Squallxyz
  17. veeontour
  18. don_rivers
  19. japaneseme
  20. chmijo
  21. tummai
  22. JapanNewbie
  23. meghanventura
  24. Kanjiwarrior
  25. jyemenai
  26. Cush1979
  27. Incorporeality Reading German, French, and Spanish
  28. qqkachoojp
  29. tonesvenn
  30. distefam
  31. k2yama
  32. KSaiydT
  33. Landorien Reading Japanese and German
  34. paboseki
  35. burritolingus
  36. i_Bassam Reading English
  37. loafyi
  38. TakehikoKoizumi
  39. TokyoBoysClub
  40. mletterlejp
  41. sandkatt
  42. emilyrct
  43. jsj2003
  44. Jaylant
  45. Squintox Reading Korean
  46. mikotoneko
  47. HanaYanaa
  48. momonigiri
  49. Nekesu Reading Japanese, Spanish, and Korean
  50. KudouUsagi
  51. RinoaHeartilly_
  52. skr1p7k1dd
  53. revenantkioku
  54. mochidzuki
  55. simhuman
  56. IvanMeredith
  57. Lorata
  58. loolnashi
  59. jimjamjeniko
  60. diogovk
  61. mikankun
  62. MrsMalone_emmie Reading English
  63. _nicksan
  64. o7400
  65. syreinrage
  66. peterjcarroll Reading Spanish
  67. Nerienea Reading Japanese and French
  68. crystalcampbell
  69. maryag
  70. bakunin3 Reading Thai
  71. doviende Reading German, Dutch, and Polish
  72. Reveriekun
  73. KiraKirai
  74. Mirohan
  75. giada51291 Reading Italian
  76. RichardMedh
  77. languageez
  78. qzchris Reading Chinese
  79. Junesun Reaching Chinese, Greek, and Dutch
  80. rachaeldarwin Reading Dutch
  81. sloppier_r Reading English and French
  82. thelanguagegeek Reading French and German
  83. ongakunoiro
  84. sade_wayan
  85. Zetsubou_Robert
  86. ayaneko31
  87. csnorris
  88. shyxormz Reading Japanese and English
  89. ember_seed
  90. legupli Reading Esperanto, Italian, and German
  91. starsandsea
  92. TheKwago
  93. sizzlewriter Reading Chinese
  94. firearnok
  95. hanikamiya
  96. samhy
  97. mirab3lla
  98. risasun39
  99. drahcir14
  100. penny_ffm
  101. msklang
  102. danielpwright
  103. aerielle
  104. kenrickchien_jp
  105. Moniiku
  106. pbadger
  107. wordmoth
  108. melitu
  109. arthaey
  110. togijoji

Currently have sentence per page averages for: Korean, Chinese, English, French, German, Dutch、 Russian, Italian, Spanish
Need: Greek ,Polish, Esperanto

多読 Round 2 rule changes

Unlike the last round, the rule changes this time are very light.


  • Participants reading multiple languages will have their  score  over all languages combined and displayed that way. When you sign up for the contest you will be able to say which languages* you will be reading so you can post from one account instead of 2 like Little_strokes last contest.
  • I am adding the #dr (double row) function for those of us that have books like this. This will give you a little more “page” since you are reading more than a standard page.

I anticipate the “new” server being ready soon so be looking out for my register opening announcement on twitter!



*Languages other than Japanese require you or me (preferably you) to get an average paperback sentences per page number for that language