An April Fools’ prank so great, it lasted 5 days

I wish I could call it an April Fool’s joke anyway…

The bot is finally working as it should and im ready to go live with it!

There is one syntax change that you must take note of. I previously stated that something like the following would be acceptable.

  • “@TadokuBot 1789 #book I read 3 books today in 1 sitting!”

This however is no longer the case. However what is acceptable is:

  • “@TadokuBot 1789 #book; I read 3 books today in 1 sitting!”

A semicolon must be put in between your update score update and the rest of your message. Other than that everything works as previously sated in the “for dummies” post.

Please wait until the new bot is put up (an announcement will be tweeted via TadokuBot) to start using the new update format. Sorry for the wait!



So that means 多読 start for me!