The Return of Tadoku

That’s right, we’re officially back and the register is now open but before you run off to tweet at the bot there are a few changes you should know about.

You can use the application for all the things you would use the bot for however currently the undo function in the app is disabled

  • The contest starts on Jan 01, 2013 00:00:00 your time (timer lies) and ends Jan 31, 2013 11:59:59, your time
  • Before registering make sure the timezone in your twitter account is set, you won’t be able to register without it.
  • I thought I had more points but I’ve been up for far too long.
  • Enjoy tadoku!

If you have any questions you can post here, message me @lordsilent on twitter, or contact me in the irc channel at #ajatt (Japanese learners encouraged to join!).

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to crash.

On the -7th day of Christmas LordSilent giveth unto thee

The Return of the 多読 Contest!

and a swift, painless death.

Yes, that’s right, we’re FINALLY back. Sorry it took so long but my medical problems made coding (or any sort of deep thought) near impossible. Rest assured, I wouldn’t make you guys wait that long for nothing!

Whats new?

I gave the bot the web app treatment! Previously the bot was just a script that got ran every minute but now its a full blown app. What does that mean for you guys? Three things

1)The app is fully automatic. Even if I feel terrible or die, the contest will continue running as scheduled without my intervention as long as hosting bills are paid.

2)Contestants are now able to submit updates via the website. This feature is mostly for those who had trouble with the command line-y twitter submission method. Now you can just head on over to the website and submit your updates without any confusion.


3)Graphs. I’ve been promising graphs since the first 2011 contest and the move over to rails (and not shit php) for the website makes that possible(read: easy).


A few of us from the #ajatt irc chat will be running a week-ish long contest just to give the app/bot a nice test before we resume our regularly scheduled contest in January(unless we’re all dead).