Possible (read: very likely) Schedule Change

The current schedule was made in 2011 and we never got to test it but recently I noticed one glaring flaw, There is no whole month summer round. Why would that be a problem you ask? Well the last whole month summer round we had was the most epic thing ever (seriously, look at those scores) and not having one again would be a shame. So because of that I am going to make July a whole month round.

In order to balance things out in terms of rest times and what not, I would have to make may a half round, and move the September round to October. What do you guys think? Let me know here or in the irc channel (irc.rizon.net #ajatt).

Tadoku Contest 2013 Round 1.5, REGISTER OPEN

Im a few hours late (blame school) but its up. You currently cannot view your last round stats but don’t worry, Im working on that and it should be out soon.



  • Fixed error caused by undoing
  • Graphs will now display the correct information on the correct days
  • Added individual languages to overall graph
  • Some other stuff I don’t remember doing



  • Show old rounds (currently working but I haven’t set links due to the next item)
  • Show correct user page for old rounds (will be working on this this weekend)
  • Add undo to application
  • Add language pie chart for participants reading more than one language