Here is a quick write up of the current tiers and their page/point values.


  • Bronze
    • 0-999
  • Siver
    • 1000-4999
  • Gold
    • 5000-9999
  • Gundanium
    • 10,000-14,999
  • Adamantium
    • 15,000-19,999
  • Tiberium
    • 20,000-24,999
  • Eridium
    • 25,000-29999

Users are placed in tiers based on their complete Tadoku competition history, meaning every round they have ever participated in.

Updates and Begging Cups

So I just pushed some updates for the app, the biggest of those being

  1. Your avatars show again!
  2. Twitter changed its API other day and I was still using one of the old calls. It turns out those pictures are pretty important.

  3. You may notice a form on left hand side of ranking page with a bunch of metal and material names in them. These are the new tiers.
  4. Participants are placed in theirs based on their reading history. This feature was added so that even if newer readers can’t compete with the higher level readers, they can still win their tier (or even better get promoted to the next tier~). I’ll add another post tomorrow showing the tiers, how they rank, and their ranges.

  5. I added the language sort back in.

However, it does not yet rank you by your reading in that language and I do intend on fixing that.

And that’s about all that’s worth mentioning.

Todo list: Undo in app (I swear I keep forgetting about this), Do something when you’ve met your goal (this too), Tweet when you get promoted to the next tier, fix ranking for language sort

Begging Cup

As you all may know, I am a jobless hobo college student so I’m usually pretty strapped for cash. The sever for the contest runs about 120~140 dollars a year and I would love it if you guys could help me out with the bill. We are completely fine for the rest of 2013 however without any help I will not be able to pay for 2014. Please donate anything you can, I would love to keep this contest going for as long as possible!

EDIT: I will keep a running list of donators here, If you don’t want to be listed let me know. I will also let you guys know when we’ve reached out goal.

Current status: 100% to goal!

Thanks to:

Landorien  (Dec 2012)
songlines_north (Dec 2012)
Jenny Schröder (Jan 2013)
Little_Strokes (Dec 2012) (Feb 2013)
Fujiwara23 (June 2013)
KSaiydT (June 2013)
Kanjiwarrior (June 2013)
criticalowl (June 2013)
CrownedL (June 2013)
Brittany Gauer (June 2013)
neilporche (June 2013)
chmijo (July 2013)

JRPGClub (July 2013 for 2015)

多読コンテスト 2013 Round 2 in Full Swing!

The contest is now fully underway globally (ok, I may be close to a day late). I just want to wish all you the participants good luck achieving your reading goals for this month!

P.S.: I’m working on some small changes so if the sever goes down, thats whats going on. I’ll let you guys know what they were when I finish 🙂

P.P.S: I don’t want to have to erase any zeroes this round so everybody read!

P.P.P.S : everyone is invited to join us in our irc channel #ajatt on irc.rizon.net