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Lazy Changelog

  1. Web application and bot now use the correct values when calculating the user’s overall score. This stops the epic tier jumping that was going on (tier should get corrected after the user updates)
  2. Users can now undo from within the web app
  3. Users are now able to view the “All-Time” ranking
  4. Tiers in the drop down are now in order from lowest to highest
  5. The by language ranking now displays in the correct order


  1. Write script to import previous rounds user update information.
  2. Create an “All-Time” stats page so users can compare results from each round on one page
  3. Creat Round’s stats page

Tadoku Contest 2013 Round 2.5 is a GO!

The contest is officially on worldwide! Good luck to all the participants, I hope you achieve your goals.

Come by the chat and hang out with some fellow tadokuists in #ajatt on

P.S.: The server may go down for a few minutes tomorrow while I push some small changes and improvements to the app/bot.

What are your reading plans for this round?

Do any of you guys have any reading plans for this round?

My light novel reading list:

  1. 大伝説の勇者の伝説〈1〉
  2. 電脳コイル〈1〉
  3. ケモノガリ
  4. けんぷファー 1
  5. ハイスクールD×D4*
  6. Fake edit: バッカーノ!―The Rolling Bootlegs, ’bout time I showed this book some love.

I only intend on reading the first 3 books, the last two are emergency easy fluff.

*Last time I tried reading one of these I wanted to harm myself because it was so bad. Lets hope this volume goes better.


  1. はじめの一歩
  2. 悪の華
  3. 自殺島 7-8

I might read those or I may read something else completely. I usually read a few different mangas before something sticks. I have wwaaayyyy too much manga to read.

For this round I am going to attempt to match every point I from manga with a point from a book (so 1 book page for every 5 manga pages). I’ve found that I tend to read way too much manga during these contests and I neglect my books. So that would put my goal for this 2 week round somewhere between 2k pages/points and 2.6k pages/points.

So what do you guys plan on read? Comment or write you’re own blog posts. I’ll post the pingbacks up here.

Tadoku Contest Round 2.5, Registration OPEN.

Yep, it’s that time again. The register is open and awaiting your registrations.


Edit: Do you guys think I should bother keeping a running list in this post?

Join us in the irc channel #ajatt on for some pre-tadoku talk!