What are your reading plans for this round?

Do any of you guys have any reading plans for this round?

My light novel reading list:

  1. 大伝説の勇者の伝説〈1〉
  2. 電脳コイル〈1〉
  3. ケモノガリ
  4. けんぷファー 1
  5. ハイスクールD×D4*
  6. Fake edit: バッカーノ!―The Rolling Bootlegs, ’bout time I showed this book some love.

I only intend on reading the first 3 books, the last two are emergency easy fluff.

*Last time I tried reading one of these I wanted to harm myself because it was so bad. Lets hope this volume goes better.


  1. はじめの一歩
  2. 悪の華
  3. 自殺島 7-8

I might read those or I may read something else completely. I usually read a few different mangas before something sticks. I have wwaaayyyy too much manga to read.

For this round I am going to attempt to match every point I from manga with a point from a book (so 1 book page for every 5 manga pages). I’ve found that I tend to read way too much manga during these contests and I neglect my books. So that would put my goal for this 2 week round somewhere between 2k pages/points and 2.6k pages/points.

So what do you guys plan on read? Comment or write you’re own blog posts. I’ll post the pingbacks up here.



16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ritobito
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 00:27:32


    I’m gonna dig through サクラダリセット for real. Not really feelin’ too manga-y this time around (maybe 悪の華, maybe Berserk or Jojo, both of which will probably always be part of my manga stack), so I’ll probably just stick to books. Would love to read some of the classics as well, some 夏目漱石 or 芥川龍之介. Maybe some 村上春樹 if I’m feeling brave and masochistic. Shooting for around 1k pages.


    • readmod
      Aug 09, 2013 @ 00:31:18

      I remember someone saying 村上春樹’s hardboiled was pretty easy if you have that handy.


      • Kure
        Aug 13, 2013 @ 00:36:15

        村上春樹 is really easy to read. Grammar is N3-N2 level while kanji is N2 with some N1. And he’s so repetitive with his vocab that you learn it quickly. His last book that just came out in Japan was easy and quick to read and that was only my 2nd full length novel on Jpn.

      • readmod
        Aug 13, 2013 @ 13:53:04

        I should really give that a shot then. I haven’t tried any 村上春樹 since early in my reading career.

  2. BlackDragonHunt
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 00:43:59

    Going pure #book this round (by which I mean I’m only going to report my book pages). I want to make it through ベイビー、グッドモーニング at the very least, which I’ll probably read back and forth with 傷物語 (since the former is a short story collection and the latter 西尾維新). After that, I’m not sure. Maybe a とらドラ. Though who knows if I’ll even make it that far, lol.


  3. CrownedL
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 00:55:45

    Pretty much going to read as much of 半分の月がのぼる空 as I can. And I might reread some French books, which isn’t ideal for Tadoku, but it’s all I feel like reading right now. I also have some traditional Chinese readers I should try to read. I’d rather read some Spanish books I have lying around, but ain’t nobody got no time for that. I only really have 8 to 9 days I can commit for this round. I guess I do have a long flight during which I’ll be able to read a lot, though. T.T Don’t know how much I’ll be able to read, but I might try for something like 800-900 pages.


  4. IceCream
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 04:30:28

    I’d like to read 谷崎 潤一郎の「陰翳礼讃」 this time, but i need to go to the bookshop and check if they have it / how difficult it seems first. I’d also like to finish at least one of the many books i’ve half read, maybe 吉本ばななの「キッチン」, or 村上春樹「世界の終わりとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド」. I’ll definitely finish it one of these years hehe. If i have time, i’ve got 伊坂幸太郎の「魔王」sitting around, but i might leave that for next round, i’ve got enough half read books…

    If anyone needs a recommendation, i definitely recommend 人間失格 by 太宰治, i read it last round. It’s really well written, although very sad. it’s not got lots of difficult words, either, so it’s quite easy to read.


    • readmod
      Aug 10, 2013 @ 17:12:28

      I thought it was you who said 「世界の終わりとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド」 was easy…I must have remembered that wrong.


      • IceCream
        Aug 12, 2013 @ 06:38:50

        it’s not too hard… i was quite into it at one point, but it was a few years ago and then 多読 stopped for ages, and i didn’t read any Japanese, so, i just haven’t got back into it again yet really, i went onto other stuff. i WILL finish it though…

      • readmod
        Aug 13, 2013 @ 13:52:17

        The “lost year” was a sad time for all of us 😦

  5. Serpent
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 12:14:41

    I’m going to read Christiane F in German. and “the three comrades” for uni. possibly will also try a thin detective story in Swiss German.

    Dutch and Swedish are just an illusion of choice. I’ve never read properly in them and in Dutch I don’t even own any books.


  6. Daniel McCalla (@Clidante_D)
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 03:07:59

    Ploughing through some manga (日常、よつばと!、World Embryo and Bakuman), 日本人の知らない日本語 and the last few level 3 graded readers until my book reinforcements arrive hopefully in time for the final week in the shape of the 君が見つける物語 short story collections.


  7. loolnashi
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 03:46:36

    I’m gonna try to read 魍魎の匣 and possibly 絡新婦の理, and continue where I left off in サクラダリセット. As far as manga goes I’ll be trying to plow my way through more berserk, 進撃の巨人, and possibly a solid 高橋ツトム title, haven’t decided which one yet. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to finish most of what I’ll start this round but it’s great to get a foothold.


  8. シロボン
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 09:45:09

    Just came back from Japan 2 weeks ago, and brought some books back.
    This Tadoku I am aiming to read at least:


    And I’m going to read the entire ぼくらの Manga series.

    Did I also mention that I’m going to get 1st this round 😉


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